Frequently Asked Questions

What is your return policy?

All items, including customized orders are not returnable.

What is the shipping policy?

All orders are shipped on Saturdays. If an item is placed before Saturday, depending on item, it is eligible for shipping. However, if a purchase is made after Saturday (for example: Sunday), it will be shipped on the upcoming Saturday.

How can I request a custom order?

Great question! On the bottom of the main page, there is a section "Need Assistance" where all custom orders can be made. Please make sure to name the item you would like customized and the specific details.

How long is the making and shipping process?

Depending on the item made, it can take 1-3 days to make. After the item is made, you will be notified and sent a tracking number.

How do I clean my macrame item?

Use mild soap and warm water to clean all macrame pieces. Let it air dry or blow dry on a low, warm setting.

There is a minor flaw on my item.

All items are made to order. There is no guarantee each item will be made exactly the same. But you can be sure they are made as neatly and carefully as possible.

What are the payment options?

I accept credit and debit cards. No prepaid cards.

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